Through initially restricting myself to focus on the landscape which surrounds my home of Fishguard, North Pembrokeshire, paradoxically allowed me the freedom to repeatedly explore and interpret my landscape in a personal way. Through the discipline of drawing, my appreciation for the surrounding landscape has been constantly reinvigorated. Each drawing becomes a dialogue between myself and place which over time has gradually evolved in an attempt to map inner as well as outer landscapes. Working in my studio, I take inspiration from my sketchbooks, studies of the dramatic and the mundane, the unique and the familiar, drawings that convey the immediacy of being present. My identity and response to my surroundings is then explored through layers of paint onto board or canvas. Through painting and printmaking I explore a static, ebb and flow of line, colour, shape and form which becomes a point of contact between the outside world and what is within.


Copyright Elizabeth Stonhold 2017